An interesting candidate

Stuff reports:

Drug dealers of beware, Mayoral candidate has you in his sights.

Rakei-Clark has thrown his hat into the ring for the Mayoralty and tackling Rotorua’s drug problem is a key plank of his somewhat unorthodox manifesto.

“A Class drugs are a nationwide epidemic that is tearing apart our communities, it is stealing our young, causing crime to accelerate and causing our children to live in these environments,” he said.

While the extent of Mayoral powers to tackle crime remains a moot point, Rakei-Clark said he would embark on the biggest illegal drug crackdown New Zealand has ever seen.

He said convicted dealers would have all their personal property confiscated, would be deemed internal terrorists and denied residence in Rotorua.

Last time read the Local Government Mayors don’t have the power to confiscate property, designate terrorists or deny residence.

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