May vs Corbyn

Polling Digest looks at the favourability ratings for and :

  • Theresa May is 64 points more popular than Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, you read that correctly.  The Prime Minister’s net favourability amongst the country is +33.6, while the Labour leader’s is -30.7.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is more popular than Theresa May with 2015 Labour voters…just.  The Labour leader has a +8.6 net favourability rating among people who voted Labour at the last election, while May’s number is less, at 4.2.  Nevertheless, it is abnormal that a Conservative Prime Minister polls net positively with Labour voters; even more abnormal is that this Conservative Prime Minister polls within 5 points of the Labour leader among this group.
  • Jeremy Corbyn is less popular in Scotland than in England.  And while his unpopularity is fairly even across the country, he is substantially more popular (or less unpopular) in London than elsewhere.  His rating in Scotland is -40.9 compared with -28.6 in England

I also note that in the lowest socioeconomic groups (DE) May has a +21% rating and Corbyn -18%.

It is going to be glorious when Labour re-elect him.

The overall net approval ratings for various politicians were:

  1. Theresa May +34%
  2. Philip Hammond +4%
  3. Boris Johnson +3%
  4. Amber Rudd -6%
  5. Owen Smith -11%
  6. Nicola Sturgeon -11%
  7. Tim Farron -12%
  8. Nigel Farage -23%
  9. Jeremy Corbyn -31%