Nash lashed by Lynch

Jenna Lynch writes at Newshub:

Two men thought it was okay to walk into my office in the press gallery at Parliament and effectively tell me I look like crap.

First up, a minister’s press secretary.

“You look unwell”.

No, I’m not.

Shortly after, Labour MP Stuart Nash walked in trying to sell some bloody story about cops.

He looked shocked, almost offended at my face.

“Gosh, did you have a rough night?”

No I didn’t. Unless you call being curled on the couch watching a movie with my partner a “rough night”.

Let’s just say he was quick to bolt from the office.

My question is: what right do you have to walk into my office and spout that?

Would you ever walk in and ask my male colleagues the same thing?

It’s quite frankly rude and disgraceful. …

not wearing make-up shouldn’t shock people. Just as women wearing makeup shouldn’t shock people. Wear whatever the hell you like.

But more importantly, even if it does shock you, don’t announce it. Don’t belittle someone and rain all over their self esteem for the hell of it.

Shame on you Stuart Nash, I feel sorry for the you work with on a day-to-day basis if you hold them to the same standard.

And for the record. I’m fine with my face. If you can’t accept it, you know where the door is. Show yourself out. 

Ouch. Nash is not having a good couple of weeks.

 He has now apologised to Lynch.

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