Travel blogger discovers NZ has sheep!

Stuff reports:

Kristin Lajeunesse, a vegan travel blogger, was left in tears at the sight of sheep on an Interislander ferry. She uploaded her reaction in a video on Facebook.

Farming groups, the trucking firm and Kiwi had no problem with the practice.

“I came to the back of the boat because I thought it would be, you know, beautiful” Lajeunesse said at the beginning of the video.

As she ventured outside, she was caught off guard by a filled with live sheep.

“I’m sorry,” she said to the sheep. “I just feel so helpless.”

Did the sheep answer back?
The blogger came to New Zealand on a junket paid for by Vegan Travel. Her videos, photographs and articles would be shared by the company.
NZ is a great place for vegans. We have tons of restaurants and cafes that do great vegan meals. But you know it isn’t compulsory.

After sharing the video, Lajeunesse was sitting at a Wellington cafe and overheard people discussing her post.

“It’s been the most overwhelming and negative thing I have ever experienced,” she said.

That’s because effectively you are demanding that everyone else subscribe to your decisions to be a vegan. You traveled to a country known globally as an agricultural country with millions of sheep, and got upset because you saw some sheep in a truck.

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