The seven stages of grief for Republicans voting Clinton

John Stubbs writes at USA Today:

The journey for Republicans to vote for Clinton is not an easy one. For me, the seven stages of grief went something like this:

1. Trump is a funny guy. Like a clown, he amuses me.

2. Wow, look at that: Clown = ratings. Could Republicans be popular again? It’s sure nice to have a celebrity act other than Clint Eastwood and an empty chair.

3. Let’s be real, we were never popular, and we shouldn’t try to be. Jeb, take control.

4. Yep, Trump’s surrounded by white supremacists. That dog whistle really works.

5. Wait, that’s it? We’re nominating the guy who seeks approval from Vladimir Putin? We’re really going to turn the Republican convention into the Temple of Doom?

6. Seriously, I have to look my kids in the eyes. I will do anything to stop this. This man can’t have the U.S. military as his new favorite toy.

7. Fine. FINE. I did say anything. Binary option. I’ll vote for Clinton, but let’s keep the Congress.

He goes on:

We were not relatively safe in World War II, a war both of my grandfathers served in, when more than 50 million people died. Since then, we’ve built institutions, partnerships, alliances and networks to integrate nations into a broad, layered global security framework. When countries are working together towards common goals, when they trade with each other, when they depend on each other, they are less likely to go to war. This is what Trump wants to light on fire.

Clinton will not solve all of our problems, but she will not risk Armageddon either. She will be a better president than Trump.

A very low bar.

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