Youth justice age raised to 18

Stuff reports:

The youth justice age has been raised to 18, ensuring offenders 17 and under will be dealt with in the youth court, away from more hardened criminals dealt with in District Courts. 

The youth justice system will be extended to include lower risk 17-year-olds, Justice Minister Amy Adams and Social Development Minister Anne Tolley have announced today.

The changes, which will take place by 2019, will ensure that all 17-year-old offenders are dealt with according to which jurisdiction is best suited to the particular case.

The vast majority of 17-year-old offenders are lower risk. They will be dealt with in the Youth Court where the interventions are more targeted and lead to better results.
17-year-olds who are serious, violent offenders who commit a range of offences like murder, manslaughter, sexual assaults, aggravated robbery, arson, or serious assaults will continue to be dealt with by adult courts. 
I’m okay with this change, so long as the more serious offenders do go to adult courts. I support having standard ages where you go from being a minor to an adult.

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