What a surprise

News.com.au reports:

TURKISH police have released the first picture of the prime suspect in the Istanbul nightclub attack.

The unnamed man is described as being from East Turkestan, Afghanistan or Chechnya and Turkish intelligence services reportedly believe that he is a member of the East Turkestan branch of ISIS. His nationality is unknown.

The photograph of him comes after chilling footage revealed a gunman opening fire on revellers at the exclusive Reina nightclub in Istanbul during New Year celebrations.

He killed 39 people and injured another 69 partygoers as he stormed the club, armed with an AK-47 and opened fire at random.

He was heard screaming the Arabic words “Allahu Akbar” after he entered the nightclub.

Possibly the least surprising part of the story.

It looks like this happened just after the New year so won’t be included in the catalog of Islamic terror attacks in 2016.

The count for 2016 is:

  • 2,472 attacks (over 47 a week or seven a day)
  • in 61 countries
  • 21,224 people killed (over 400 a week)
  • 26,654 injured

This is actually am improvement over 2015 which had 2,866 attacks killing 27,628 people.


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