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I don’t often blog on blogs at , but sometimes they can’t be ignored. Now this particular blog is authored not by some low level nobody but a senior Labour Party officer and activist, and purported nominee for New Lynn.

Mr Savage has worked out why John Key resigned. He quotes a , who claims to be a NZ journalist seeking asylum in Russia. And according to Suzie, Kim Dotcom has claimed that he has an even bigger moment of truth – two terabytes of e-mails from NZ Government servers. And these are even bigger than the Podesta e-mails, which is why John Key resigned.

Now Mr Savage says he is not sure if this is all true, but goes on to say he has verified Dawson is seeking asylum and:

“she did write at Spinbin and the quality of her work is high.  My impression of her taste grew considerably when I saw that she linked to Simon Louisson’s excellent Standard post on the Panama Papers.”

So he has decided to share his conspiracy theory with the world. Now I have to admit I had not heard of Suzie Dawson before. And I will admit to an instinctive bias that anyone who claims they need to seek asylum in Russia from New Zealand is probably barking mad. But hey I may be wrong.

So let’s look at her own words from this interview:

  • I remember us getting followed around by Auckland Transport vehicles (Auckland Council often subcontract to the SIS!
  • there were days in 2014 where I honestly did not expect to see the light of day in that week. (maybe it was bad weather?)
  • So, at the end of 2014 after there had been several overt attempts on my life, which I document in the documentary (does a brave soul want to watch the documentary for us, and give us a summary?)
  • Because privatised spying and privatised policing is huge, this is what we face now, is for-profit companies that make money from targeting us. (didn’t know we had privatised the SIS – how cool)
  • And then the instituationalisation, which Redstar touched on earlier when he told you that one of our media team members was actually forcibly hospitalised in a mental hospital to try to discredit him and he is not the only one. (they may have got the wrong one)
  • Then I covered off the specific assassination attempts that I experienced in the lead up to the Moment of Truth event. (Who was behind these assassination attempts? As the MoT destroyed any chance of a Labour/Green Government, maybe it was Trevor Mallard and Julie-Anne Genter?)
  • I had the interior ceiling of my house painted and then little holes would appear in my ceiling, just randomly – it’s so sad – I used to go and stick chewing gum in them or pick-up-sticks – honest to God – because one day my ceiling has no holes in it then the next day there’s these little holes in it and I’m like ‘what the hell is going on?’ (?borer)
  • In the movie I talk about how they tried to drive me and my children off a cliff at night in Northland in a place called Dome Valley. (Dome Valley must be the clue that it was the GCSB)
  • I’m going into this blackout, I will call you as soon as I’m coming out of it. That’s the kind of terror that we would have to face. I would literally not know whether I was going to make it to the other end of my journey or not. (I’ve had that on the late bus home)
  • ‘I’m being targeted, I’m going onto TrapWire’ and that was like our code word. That was the code word that meant, I’m going into the city where I will be on public surveillance because I had discovered that they were less inclined to harm me when I was in a public space that had surveillance cameras, than they were in my house where they were the only ones controlling the cameras so in a strange way that became sanctuary for me. (hide in public – genius)
  • One is that, none of the activists that I work with or any of the political figures have ever disbelieved what happened to me because to some degree it’s happening to all of them. (can we get a list of those who don’t disbelieve that?)
  • our Prime Minister is a United States vassal, that’s the only way I can put it really. He’s like a proxy power for the United States. So the United States was pushing… he was a member of the New York Federal Reserve, which is one of the biggest Federal Reserves, the most important and historic Federal Reserve Banks in the United States. (Does this mean we are no longer a vassal as John has retired?)
  • We were standing in the way of absolutely everything that they were trying to do to our country and I was the conduit to the international media and to breaking the information out of New Zealand and getting it into the global sphere. And I think that that is one of the many reasons that they came down on me particularly hard. (Has anyone ever heard of this person before reading this post?)
  • If you look at the science of 9/11, it’s obvious that there is a lot of questions to be asked there, just purely from a scientific perspective. (Of course she is a truther)

I must thank Mickey Savage for bringing this to our attention. May I suggest they make her a regular guest blogger.

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