All pre 2005 world athletic records to be wiped

The Guardian reports:

Paula Radcliffe and Jonathan Edwards have reacted with incredulity and dismay to news that all athletics world and European records before 2005 are likely to be stripped from the record books.

Radcliffe, who set the world marathon record in 2003, told the Guardian she was “offended” by proposals that were approved by European Athletics at the weekend, adding that it “unfairly damages the reputations of many innocent athletes”. Meanwhile Edwards, whose triple jump record dates back to 1995, called them “wrong-headed and cowardly” – and warned it will further erode trust in athletics. The plan, which is strongly backed by Seb Coe, president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, will not only require anyone who sets a world record to have been tested numerous times in the months beforehand but also to have the sample taken after their record performance still available for retesting.

The IAAF has stored blood and urine samples only since 2005, which means the records by Edwards and Radcliffe are at risk of being struck from the books, along with Colin Jackson’s indoor 60m hurdles world record of 7.30sec set in 1994.

It’s tough on them, but probably the right thing to do. So many of the records are obviously drug tainted, that this would allow a clean start.

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