Did Labour borrow their housing policy off Jeremy Corbyn?

The Guardian reports:

Jeremy Corbyn has said his top priority is to build more council houses and introduce tougher regulation of the private rental sector – and insisted he was not downhearted after difficult local election results for his party last week.

Speaking to the Guardian as he was campaigning in the West Midlands, the leader said the UK needed a serious national initiative to tackle the housing crisis, aimed in particular at helping younger and less well-off voters.

The party wants at least a million new homes built over the next five years, with half of them council houses, as part of a programme of borrowing for public investment.

So Jeremy Corbyn is promising his Government will build one million houses in five years which is 550 houses a day while Andrew Little is promising 100,000 houses in ten years or 27 houses a day (including weekends).

I have not so fond memories of the bad old days of the Ministry of Works which would take years to do a project the private sector would do in a few months.

Corbyn also said that whatever happened in the 8 June vote he would be “carrying on” as Labour leader.

Oh excellent.

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