Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand 4th edition


Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand, the definitive text on how our Parliament works, has been updated to reflect key changes in parliamentary law and practice over the last decade.

The fourth edition was launched at Parliament yesterday by current Clerk of the House of Representatives David Wilson, former Clerk Mary Harris and previous Clerk and original author .

Well-known by MPs, parliamentary staff, lawyers and the state sector as the definitive work on the practice and procedure of the New Zealand House of Representatives, it was first published in 1985 and last revised in 2005.

David Wilson says the new edition updates the key changes that affect how things are done in the House.

“Parliament operates within its own rules so it can maintain independence, hold the government to account and work for the public good” he says.

I purchased a 1st edition in 1985 when I was still at school. Yes I was that tragic. McGee was then the Deputy Clerk and it was clear he would be Clerk one day.

The rules of Parliament are very abstract to some people, but they are what makes our Parliament one of the more effective ones around. They protect the rights of the minority and stop the Government determining everything.

The fourth edition of Parliamentary Practice in New Zealand is published by Oratia Books and now available in bookshops. An e-book is also available for quick browsing and searching. An electronic version will soon be available free of charge on the New Zealand Parliament website.

Any candidates who get elected to Parliament in September should make this book their summer reading!

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