The Marxist Shadow Chancellor

The Telegraph reports:

faces a Labour revolt to unseat him as shadow chancellor after he said there was “a lot to learn” from Karl Marx’s Das Kapital.

Unless he meant a lot to learn in terms of what not to do, but sadly no chance of that.

Shadow cabinet sources said Jeremy Corbyn’s right-hand man, who has described himself in the past as an “unapologetic Marxist”, had done nothing to help Labour’s cause with a month to go to the general election.

Yep the Shadow Chancellor is an avowed communist and their Leader is basically an advocate of unilateral disarmament for the West.

Mr McDonnell, who announced plans for an income tax rise for anyone earning more than £80,000, also refused to rule out a 60p tax rate on people earning over £100,000 – a policy he has advocated in the past.

Why stop at 60%? What is wrong with 99%?

Priti Patel, the International Trade Secretary, said: “The man Jeremy Corbyn wants to make Chancellor believes that the nonsensical ideas of Karl Marx – punitive taxes, closing down businesses and the removal of private property – should be at the heart of Britain’s economic policy.


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