Which charter schools are doing best

An interesting report evaluating charter schools performance to date. On one page (45) they look at how a school has done against their contracted targets. This is a strong aspect of the charter school model. A school has to agree with the Ministry concrete targets for performance, and can lose funding or even be closed if they fail to meet them. Think if every school had a contracted performance agreement!

The outcomes against their targets are:

  1. Te Kura Hourua O Whangārei Terenga Paraoa 127%
  2. Pacific Advance Senior School 124%
  3. Vanguard Military School 117%
  4. The Rise Up Academy 115%
  5. South Auckland Middle School 97%
  6. Middle School West Auckland 83%
  7. Te Kura Māori o Waatea 80%
  8. Te Kāpehu Whetū (Teina) 56%

So four schools significantly exceeding their targets, one school pretty close to dead on, two schools a fair way back and one school basically failing.

The report also has data on on truancy rates or unjustified absences. Two schools had zero unjustified absences which is amazing.  Their contract allowed for 380 and 106 respectively.

Six of the eight schools have had fewer suspensions that contracted.

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