Of course Maori Party could go either way

Richard Harman writes:

Labour’s leadership change may have dealt a serious blow to National’s ability to form a Government after the election.

Not only is the now saying it could work with Labour but Party President, Tukuroirangi Morgan, says the decision which party to support into Government will be made by the party’s whole membership.

And he concedes that the membership as a whole leans towards Labour.

Actually the Maori Party have never ever ruled out working with Labour. They often vote with them. They have always said if they have the balance of power, they will consult their members on whom to support to form a Government.

The fact Labour has been saying they are the last cab off the rank and they want to wipe them out, has made it more likely they would choose National. But this has never been a done deal, or far from it.

In my poll summaries I always include the Maori Party with NZ First as a centrist party that could go with either National or Labour.

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