Anglicians vote to restore the Christ Church Cathedral

Stuff reports:

Anglicans have voted to restore the Christ Church Cathedral. …

The deal included a $10 million Christchurch City Council (CCC) pledge, a Great Christchurch Buildings Trust (GCBT) pledge of $13.7m, a $10m Crown cash contribution and a $15m government loan that would not have to be paid back if certain conditions were met. The pledges, along with the church’s insurance proceeds of nearly $42m, amounted to just over $90m of the estimated $104m restoration cost.

So the funding looks to be:

  • Insurance $42 million
  • Taxpayers $25 million
  • Ratepayers $10 million
  • GCBT $14 million
  • Anglician Church $13 million

Not wild over $25 million from taxpayers towards it, but at least there is now a decision and development can happen in the region around teh Cathedral based on some certainity.

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