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David Crossman announced:

With the GE just around the corner, I thought you might be interested in my new political novel, A Sovereign Nation.

 I’m promoting it as a FREE Ebook download for a limited time. Get it here:

 I’ve set my political story in the future: fast forward two election cycles to 2023:

 Wellington, New Zealand, 2023. Tensions are escalating in the South Pacific and the latest global financial crisis has brought New Zealand to its knees. From his Bee Hive office on the ninth floor, Prime Minister Michael Armstrong plays a dangerous game of cat and mouse…

While a work of fiction, I would point out that it is highly likely there will be a global recession in the next three to five years. Recent history is:

  • Mid 70s – global recession from oil prices
  • 1987 – Black Monday sharemarket crash
  • 1997 – Asian Financial Crisis
  • 2008 – Global Financial Crisis

So around every ten years there is a global shock. Those assuming surpluses are guaranteed will get a nasty shock.

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