Carrots and stick for young unemployed

has announced:

  • $72 million over four years for beneficiaries aged under 25
  • Guaranteeing work experience or training for those who have been on a jobseekers benefit for six months or longer, and financial management training to help them develop financial responsibility
  • Providing rehabilitation services if drug use is identified as a barrier to employment
  • Ensuring all young people under 25 who are on a job seekers benefit receive intensive one-on-one case management to get a job.
  • Job seekers without children who refuse work experience or training or recreational drug rehabilitation will lose 50 per cent of their benefit entitlement after four weeks of not meeting their obligations

90% of young people on a jobseekers benefit get off it within six months. But the 10% who do not stay on for an average of 10 years. So this is aimed at the tough 10%.

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