Insensitive DHBs

Stuff reports:

Mothers being forced to sign consent forms to formula feed their babies in hospital is outrageous, an academic says.

University of Auckland professor Maureen Molloy said the formula consent forms were a “complete abrogation” of their rights.

“I absolutely do not agree that mothers should have to sign consent forms to formula feed,” the women’s studies expert said.

I agree.

Consent forms are what you sign to give consent for medical staff to operate on you etc. To require one for mothers to access infant formula is just a form of bullying.

The days after birth are hard enough for mothers without DHBs making them feel they are doing something wrong if they need to supplement their milk with infant formula. They already have immense guilt and societal pressure on them if they can’t produce enough milk, and the DHB adding to the pressure doesn’t help.

Of course breast milk is best. And almost every family knows that and aspires to that. But there are many reasons why sometimes you will need formula also and DHBs with their consent forms seem to cross the line from education to guilt.

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