Is a Green MP calling Labour complicit in human rights violations?

Radio NZ reports:

Green MP Golriz Gharhraman escaped as a child in 1990 and resettled in New Zealand with her family.

Other refugees were not so lucky, like the 2000 detained in prison camps in Papua New Guinea and Nauru for seeking asylum in Australia.

Ms Gharhaman says New Zealand can no longer ignore the crisis unfolding on PNG’s Manus Island.

   “It is such a humanitarian emergency. Manus Island is going to be looked at in history as one of the worst and grossest of human rights violations. The conditions aside, it’s indefinite detention which is defined as torture in international law. So for us to be silent over four years is complicity.”

Well Jacinda Ardern is now the Prime Minister. I’ve yet to hear her condemn the Australian Government for Manus Island, so can only assume Ms Gharhaman is saying the Labour/NZ First Government is complicit in the gross human rights violations she claims are happening there.

Or is she saying only that the Government had to condemn Australia, but new Government (with three Ministers) doesn’t have to condemn them?

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