All future offshore oil and gas exploration banned

The Herald reports:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has banned future offshore oil and gas exploration in New Zealand.

The only exploration likely to be contemplated by the new Government is on-shore exploration, limited to energy-rich Taranaki.

“We’re protecting industry and protecting future generations from climate change,” said Ardern.

It does no such thing. It means we will merely import more oil and gas from overseas.

National has pointed out:

“This decision will ensure the demise of an industry that provides over 8000 high paying jobs and $2.5 billion for the economy,” Energy and Resources Spokesperson Jonathan Young says. …

“This decision is devoid of any rationale. It certainly has nothing to do with climate change.   These changes will simply shift production elsewhere in the world, not reduce emissions.

“Gas is used throughout New Zealand to ensure security of electricity supply to every home in New Zealand. Our current reserves will last less than ten years – when they run out we will simply have to burn coal instead, which means twice the emissions.

So we will end up importing coal rather than using our own gas. Just so the PM can virtue signal how pure we are.

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