Protests should not be at homes

The Herald reports:

Judges are being protected at their family homes by police as angry dads protest outside with placards and megaphones.

A group of fathers, many of whom are disgruntled at losing custody or visitation rights to their children, are gathering outside the homes of Family Court judges in Auckland, say multiple Herald sources.

It is understood the , which have largely taken place during weekends over the past few weeks, against about three judges have so far been peaceful with no reports of trespassing or property damage.

However, Minister of Justice and Courts Andrew Little called the protests “very disturbing” and said there was no excuse for people taking their case to the front door of a judge.


“I would not be persuaded or convinced by anybody who thought it was okay to target judges and their families in this sort of way,” he told the Herald.

“The reason for that sort of protest is to create some level of intimidation and that is entirely unacceptable.”

I agree. Protests should not be outside homes or judges or politicians or anyone. It is a form of intimidation and can be very disturbing for young children.

Protest outside the courts, outside offices etc. Not outside homes.

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