Garner says Kiwibuild a hoax


Seriously, what has Labour and its MPs been doing these last nine years? Eating their lunch?

We’d been led to believe its flagship idea was this amazing, smart and innovative housing policy. …

And I assumed KiwiBuild meant just that;  as Housing Minister Phil Twyford said, 100,000 homes would be built.

Now we learn, um no, that’s not the case. It’s Kiwibuy, that house, your house, any house will do.

Labour has simply thrown its arms up in the air and put up a classified advertisement the size of a house that calls for all houses to be bought and sold as Kiwibuild dwellings. Labour wants the biggest shortcut to success possible.

It wants to buy current homes under construction or off the plans and call them Kiwibuild’s own. It’s a total hoax.

Yep their flagship promise is a hoax. And they’re also said some houses will cost more than the $600,000 maximum they promised. A double hoax.

Sure, Labour and the 100,000 homes promise was impressive and is ambitious, but just how many new homes will it really provide on top of what was being built anyway.

It may be just marketing and a bit of spit and polish when someone else did the hard work.

To me, it looks like Labour and Twyford have made this all up on the back of a moving envelope.

As far as I can tell so far Labour hasn’t led to a single home being built that wasn’t already planned or consented.

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