Religion in Western Europe

An interesting Pew poll on religion in Western Europe.

91% were baptised Christian, 81% raised Christian, 71% still identify as Christian and 22% attend church at least monthly.

In every country except Italy there are more “non-practising” Christians than Christians who regularly go to church.

The five countries for practising Christians are:

  1. Italy 40%
  2. Portugal 35%
  3. Ireland 34%
  4. Austria 28%
  5. Switzerland 27%

The top five countries for no religion are:

  1. Netherlands 48%
  2. Norway 43%
  3. Sweden 42%
  4. Belgium 38%
  5. Denmark and Spain 30%

27% of Europeans believe in God as described in the bible. This is 64% of church attending Christians and 24% of non practising Christians.

42% of Europeans say Islam is fundamentally incompatible with their national culture and values. This includes 32% of those who have no religion.

The countries where people are most likely to say Islam is fundamentally incompatible are:

  1. Finland 62%
  2. Italy 53%
  3. Austria 48%
  4. Germany and Netherlands 44%

17% would not accept a Jew in their family and 24% would not accept a Muslim.

81% support legal abortion including 52% of church going Christians.

75% support same sex marriage including 58% of church going Christians.

70% are raising their children as Christian. This is 97% for church going Christians, 87% for non-practising Christians and 9% for non religious.

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