Why Tories love Ruth Davidson

The latest speculation from the UK is that Michael Gove will topple Theresa May as Prime Minister, but he will only serve as interim PM until Scottish Conservative Leader can enter Westminster.

This is unlikely to happen, but does reflect the huge popularity of Davidson. Within the Conservative Party she has a +85% favourability rating.

In (an area normally ultra hostile to the Conservatives), she is the most popular politician with a +15% approval rating. The First Minister is at +0% and Scottish Labor Leader at -15%.

Katy Bells at The Guardian looks at why she is so popular:

If a decade ago anyone had told you that the leader of the Scottish Conservatives was the bookies’ favourite to be the next first minister of Scotland, you’d have given them a funny look. If they’d then told you that this same person had announced, to widespread jubilation from the Tory party, that she was having a baby with her lesbian partner through IVF, you’d be forgiven for laughing in their face.

Before Davidson, the Conservatives had just one MP in Scotland.

Davidson’s great political strength is that she has authentically been many different things at the same time: a BBC hack who also spent time in the territorial army, a lesbian who is a member of the Church of Scotland and now a mother-to-be.

Davidson has authenticity. Key had it, and to be fair Ardern has it also. To be comfortable in your own skin is a powerful thing.

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