Bye bye tree huts

Stuff reports:

Up to a dozen kids have used a popular neighbourhood tree house in their games of “war”.

But now a larger battle is unfolding as the property owners take on the Dunedin City Council (DCC), which has ordered its removal.

“I really, really don’t want to remove it,” homeowner Janice Norman-Oke, of Mosgiel, said.

The hut was built by her father, Trevor Norman, for his grandsons, Logan, Devon and Ethan.

What a great idea.

The tree house, which met the definition of a building according to the inspectors, “does not comply so must be removed”.

Eventually you’ll need resource consent to tie a tyre to a tree as a swing.

“It is a tree house, it shouldn’t have to meet all of the specific building codes.

Kids climb trees, with or without a tree house. That can be dangerous also. Maybe the Council should decide which trees are safe for kids to climb also.

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