NZ upsets Aussie again reports:

New Zealand Justice Minister claims that Australia is breaching human rights with its hard-line deportation policy. But Mr Hawke dubbed this “irresponsible”.

He took to Twitter during the night of the program to express his disappointment in Mr Little:

“Disappointing to see the NZ Justice Minister fail to use his TV appearance to remind people who are NZ citizens here to obey the laws of Australia. Obeying the law and not committing serious offences is the best way to not be deported.

Almost all the criminal deportations in the assault & domestic violence cohorts are shocking violent crimes. Many have multiple convictions & offences. Many had multiple ‘warnings’ about future deportation. Our Gov makes no apology for deporting serious & violent criminals.”

Don’t bash people in Australia and you won’t get deported. Pretty simple really.

During his Sky News interview Mr Hawke had a direct message for Aussies living across the Ditch.

“We would as the Australian Government say to citizens in New Zealand, ‘Well you must obey the law, and if you don’t obey the law you may be deported back to Australia.’

“We’d like to hear the same message from the New Zealand Government.”

No chance it seems. Those being deported are the victims of the nasty Australian Government, according to our Government.

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