Winston raking in the money

The Herald reports:

Acting Prime Minister Winston Peters says he will not opt out of his taxpayer-funded winter energy payment on principle because he has built his political career on universality.

Peters, who earns around $330,000 a year in his usual parliamentary role of Deputy Prime Minister, is eligible as a pensioner for the winter energy payment for superannuitants and some beneficiaries.

The payment, of $450 a year for singles and $700 a year for couples or those with dependent children, began on Sunday as part of the Government’s Families Package.

Winston is on a very good wicket. His annual remuneration isL

  • $334,734 salary
  • $16,980 allowance
  • $13,600 perks (as calculated by Rem Authority)
  • $100,000+ parliamentary superannuation (he is on the old gold plated scheme)
  • $16,035 NZ Super
  • $450 winter energy payment

So all up Winston is getting over $480,000 a year from taxpayers. But that isn’t enough. He needs his extra $450.

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