Hosking on Labour


is in a mess. …

James Shaw and Winston Peters have every right to be asking questions. So far, despite all 
the predictions, the coalition has held together well.

Policy differences have been smoothed over, calamity within the grouping has been avoided.

The weak link is Labour. They look ill-disciplined, sloppy, incoherent, and led by a woman who doesn’t want to be tough.

What Curran did was sackable, full stop. If Whaitiri shoved staff, that’s sackable.

It’s a two-fold problem: One is the crime.

Two is the lack of decisive action to deal with the crime and as a result the ongoing fallout.

Labour can’t run a summer camp, they can’t control ministers, they’ve got a former leader barking advice and the economy is in trouble. 

A rather pithy summary.

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