Meet our newest political party

Local Matters reports:

As Mahurangi Matters went to press, John Starrenburg, 83, was preparing to launch The Christian Alliance Party of New Zealand at a public meeting at the Warkworth Community Rooms in Alnwick Street, in Warkworth, on August 11. Mr Starrenburg hopes the party will attract 50,000 members within its first year.

“It’s a dream and a vision, but I’m pretty sure it is of the Lord,” he said.

The Lord still only gets one vote.

He says the following issues are likely to form a key part of the new party’s platform:
•    Curtailing policies that advance the cause of gays
•    Teaching creationism alongside evolution in schools
•    Introducing a voucher system, whereby Christian parents can use the money that would be spent educating their children in state schools to fund their education in a Christian school instead

How about policies that advance the cause of lesbians? are they okay?

Mr Starrenburg said Christian political parties in New Zealand had failed in the past because they concentrated on Christian ethics rather than Christ himself. He said, in contrast, Christ would be central to the new party.  

Christ needs to be a New Zealand citizen if he wants to stand for the party.

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