Desperate Government trying to play the racist and sexist card

You know the Governemnt has problems when they try to label opposition Mps as racist or sexist just because they are doing their job.

First Shane Jones:

New Zealand First Minister Shane Jones says Māori MPs are taking strong exception to National MP Chris Bishop drawing references to the whānau links between Deputy Police Commissioner Wally Haumaha and New Zealand First deputy Fletcher Tabuteau.

Jones said National had essentially labelled Tabuteau and leader Winston Peters as “somehow not passing the test of parliamentary probity” and called on Speaker Trevor Mallard to do something about it.

“I’m not suggesting that Mr Bishop is anti-Māori and quite frankly I don’t care if he is,” said Jones.

“But it is an important principle with the number of Māori in the House whether they are urban Māori or broader traditional Māori, that you contemplate that situation because we are not going to put up with it for one day more.”

So Shane Jones playing the race card to try and deflect attention. The reality is that Haumata has multiple links to NZ First, and NZ First Ministers should be nowhere near the inquiry into his appointment. That’s not being racist, that is called recognising a conflict of interest.

And then Chris Hipkins:

National leader Simon Bridges was accused of being a “chauvinistic pig” in today’s Question Time for a quip he made during questions to Prime Minister Ardern.

The accusation was not from Ardern herself but from another bloke, Education Minister Chris Hipkins, who took umbrage when Bridges suggested that muttering by Grant Robertson was supplying Ardern with the answers.

Bridges referred to Robertson as “the ventriloquist,” a reference to the frequency with which Robertson actually does answer other people’s questions under his breath.

Robertson spends half of question time, whispering answers to other Ministers. Pointing this out isn’t sexist.

So this is what happens when you have a Government fixated on identity politics. If you attack Winston you’re a racist and if you attack Jacinda you’re a sexist.

If you attack Grant you’ll be called a homophobe no doubt. And if you attack Chippie you’ll be called a gingaphobe.

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