The Lindsay Shepherd case

A scary case from Canada about how out of control the anti speech fascists are. A reader writes in:

At Wilford Laurier University,In Ontario, a Teachers Aide, Lindsay Shepherd, who identified as a left leaning liberal, conducted a class regarding the evolution and use of Pronouns, and in doing so, played a short clip from a program that had recently been broadcast on Canadian State Television featuring Dr. Jordan Peterson and Nicholas Matte.

What occurred afterwards at the hands of university officials is nothing short of chilling.

Shepherd was hauled before a tribunal of 3 professors where she was subjected to what can only be described as a hostile interrogation for daring to use a clip featuring Peterson, who was compared by one of the tribunal members to Hitler.

Shepherd was informed that this was instigated as a result of a complaint by one of her students.
No such complaint was made.

Shepherd has the foresight to record the meeting, and when it was released, the university was made to apologise to Shepherd, and admit that it had treated her appallingly.

If only it had ended there.

What happened afterwards is even worse, and is now the subject of a lawsuit from Shepherd, filed against Wilfred  Laurier University.

The Statement of Claim is attached below.

 Yes her crime was showing a video of a TV debate. A debate showing both sides of an issue. From the statement of claim:

At this session, all three lambasted Shepherd, viciously attacking her personally,
falsely alleging that there had been a complaint or complaints about her tutorial and
insisting that, in playing the TV Ontario clip, she had been threatening to her
students. Rambukkana ludicrously claimed that her showing this TV Ontario clip
breached the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and federal Bill Cl6, (which does not
even govern provincially regulated Universities), created an unsafe learning
environment and was illegal. Shepherd was accused of targeting “Trans Folks” even
though Shepherd had chosen no side, had, up until that point, disagreed with what
she understood to be Peterson’s perspective and presented the arguments and the
debate neutrally.

Yep she presented a debate neutrally, but this offended the PC police.

The three refused to advise Shepherd what the Complaint was or who complained,
claiming that even the number of complaints was confidential. As was subsequently
ascertained, there had been no Complaint at all.

Basically these three fascists were so appalled that she exposed students to a view they disliked, they invented a complaint.

It was only when public and alumni outrage inexorably grew that Maclatchy was
ultimately forced to admit that’\rhat happened to Ms. Shepherd in the meeting was
shameful and that the material she showed was entirely appropriate.” This was only
after an Investigator found that there had never been any Complaint, formal or
informal, and that Rambukkana, Pimlott’s and Joel’s statements to the contrary were
false and deceitful.

Wonder if they still have their jobs?

Worth reading the full statement of claim if you have time. It is quite sickening.



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