A good suggestion from Swarbrick

Stuff reports:

MP Chloe Swarbrick is calling for safety testing of drugs to be legalised ahead of the summer festival season.

The idea behind recreational testing is not to stop drug use but reduce harm, by letting consumers of illicit pills know if the drugs they are taking have been mixed with other dangerous chemicals.

testing has taken place at some Kiwi festivals but currently exists in something of a legal grey area, as the Misuse of Drugs makes it illegal to knowingly permit use in any premises.

People are going to take drugs at music festivals. Unless you assign 1,000 police officers to a festival to check what every person has in their pockets, consumption will happen.

Some drugs such as synthetic cannabis are more dangerous than other drugs. Dozens of people have died from them.

So allowing people at festivals to their drugs is a good idea. It might literally save lives.

So a good call from Swarbrick.

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