Another silly regulation

Stuff reports:

A “bizarre” restriction that allows only ice cream trucks to sell food in residential areas has shut down a start-up’s meal delivery idea.

Fed co-founder and director Becky Erwood​ was surprised to find roaming mobile vendors licences were exclusive to icecream vendors.

Erwood’s plan was to create a Mr Whippy-like community experience where customers could purchase chilled meals minutes before dinner time right outside their doorsteps; but she claims Auckland Council told her only icecream vendors could sell food in residential streets.

What a great business idea. You hear the tune and you go out and buy some chilled meals.

In an email the council’s street trading inspector Karen Sayers said: “The roaming mobile vendors licence is specifically for the mobile ice cream trucks and is not available for any other food businesses to use.

A great example of how ridiculous many regulations are. The Council needs to follow its own rules, but the moment this application was received, they should begin the process of seeking a change to allow it.

Even better a good Council would proactively review its rules and ask why should a mobile licence be restricted to ice cream trucks?

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