Goff wants helmets for e-scooters

Stuff reports:

Auckland Council plans to reduce the speed limit for Lime .

The council says it has spent about $3500 on posters, bus stop signs and social media posts as part of its Scoot Safe campaign.

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff called for an urgent council report to look at the safety concerns surrounding e-scooters in the region after a councillor was almost hit, late last month.

Goff will be making a submission to the Transport Minister Phil Twyford later this week where he will also outline other changes for the safety of riding e-scooters including reducing the speed limit to 10kmh on footpaths, the use of helmets and police using enforcement for reckless behaviour.

This is bonkers.

I can run faster than 10 km/hr. Goff is saying helmets should be mandatory for e-scooters and they shouldn’t be able to go more than 10 km/hr.

Why stop there? Let’s make helmets compulsory for joggers.

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