Santa sacked for saying Santa is a man

The Herald reports:

Auckland’s longstanding Santa has overwhelming backing after being ditched ahead of tomorrow’s Christmas parade.

Neville Baker, the man behind on the beard on the main float in the Farmers Santa Parade for the past five years, was fired for saying he would not hire women to play Father Christmas.

A Herald online poll has found nearly 90 per cent of people believe the My Santa director should not have been fired from the annual Christmas parade that attracts hundreds of thousands of children and families.

Yep the PC police strike again. What idiots they are.

If they insist that Santa Claus or Father Christmas can be female, then I look forward to them also saying you must be able to cast women to play Muhammad or the Buddha.

Also why restrict the Easter Bunny to rabbits. A ferret should be able to be the Easter Bunny also.

Personally I don’t care the gender of someone playing Santa Claus is, but to sack Neville Baker because he believes it should only be portrayed as a man is massive overkill.

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