NZ population would double with open migration

Stuff reports:

If everyone in the world could move to whatever country they wanted to, New Zealand’s population would swell by 231 per cent.

United States-based research firm Gallup’s most recent Potential Net Migration Index (PNMI), a 2015-2017 survey of more than 450,000 adults from 152 countries, has revealed that New Zealand would see a substantial influx of people if migration were free.

In fact our increase would be the biggest in the world, percentage wise. We’d go from under 5 million population to over fifteen million.

Controlled migration is very beneficial to New Zealand. Our points and skills systems means that most immigrants boost the economy and help generate tax revenue which funds social services.

But uncontrolled would be very different.

The countries that would have the biggest percentage population increase with open borders would be:

  1. New Zealand 231%
  2. Singapore 225%
  3. Iceland 208%
  4. UAE 204%
  5. Switzerland 187%
  6. Australia 179%
  7. Kuwait 169%
  8. Bhutan 162%
  9. Canada 147%
  10. Luxembourg 131%

The countries that would lose the most population are:

  1. Sierra Leone -70%
  2. Haiti -63%
  3. Liberia -60%
  4. Congo Kinshasa -50%
  5. Nigeria -46%
  6. Syria -44%
  7. Kosovo -42%
  8. El Salvador -40%
  9. Guinea -36%
  10. Senegal -34%

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