Textor on why Aussie voters are sick of politics

Business Insider reports some insights from on why voters there are sick of politics. Has some resonance:

You work hard and do the right thing, and get no wage growth while the big end of town and politicians get tax cuts, wage increases and bonuses.
You pay your rego and taxes to build roads but still have to pay tolls to use them to get your kids to school and yourself to work while others profit.
You save up all your life and put into your super then they change the goalposts just when you’re getting near to benefiting from those savings.

You set up a little family trust to protect your small business or family farm but the politicians want to raid it with taxes.
If you make a financial mistake at work you get the sack, but the CEOs of banks keep their jobs and all their normal pay when criminals use their bank to launder money.
You invest your bit of inheritance in a blue chip Aussie company and expect a decent dividend but you get low returns while management get bonuses for poor performance.
You fill in a million forms to get any help from government but the politicians can’t even get their citizenship paperwork right.

You tighten your belt for hard times whilst governments spend billions on the big end of town consulting firms to write reports that are never implemented.
The buildings at your local school are in disrepair and your local club hasn’t enough money for your kid’s equipment whilst stadiums get built for big corporate sports that end up empty.
You have to manage kids’ schools, and homework and sports, your household budget, relatives and help out the local charity – all while holding down a job – no excuses. But Canberra is full of excuses for not doing their job.
And more than ever you have to tackle the harsh realities of life whilst the media, business of politicians prefer to indulge in pure ideology.

Worst, you can’t occasionally swear, tell a politically incorrect joke, have a fag, eat some fast food or enjoy a beer or two without someone important telling you are bad, when most of the time you do the right thing.

Politicians should take note.

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