Tex on same sex marriage

is well known as Australasia’s leading political pollster and campaign advisor, for conservative parties in Australia, the UK, NZ and elsewhere.

Unlike Julia Gillard, who opposes , Tex is a prominent advocate of legalising same sex marriage in Australia.

On ABC last year he said:

MARK TEXTOR: I think Australians mightn’t actively support gay marriage, but I think they would accept gay marriage going through. Ronald Reagan’s pollster once said to me that there is no such thing as family values, there are only those things that are important to families – love, a sense of belonging, a sense of personal security. And if marriage consolidates the family unit, so be it. 

He also took part in a debate on the issue in June 2012. The participants were:

In this passionate and quite unpredictable debate, Professor Nick Tonti-Filippini lines up with gay academic, Professor Annamarie Jagose, in opposing the legalisation of same sex marriage while Sydney’s Lord Mayor and New South Wales Independent politician Clover Moore is aligned with conservative party pollster and political strategist Mark Textor, in arguing passionately that same sex marriage should be legalised.

One quote: You can not believe in one law for all for some issues and for some people, but not for same sex couples.

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