Pro-active diary release

Stuff reports:

From January, all Government ministers will have to release details of their internal and external meetings.

for State Services (Open Government) Chris Hipkins said Cabinet had agreed to the release of summary information from their ministerial diaries from January 2019 onwards, with the first publication in February 2019.

The aim was to help build trust and confidence in government and show its commitment to improving transparency, he said.

The new will apply to the information recorded in the diary of each minister and parliamentary under-secretary that related to ministerial business, including meetings held outside New Zealand.

This is a good move.

The information tended to come out anyway through the OIA, but having proactive monthly release is a good thing.

For each meeting in scope, the summary would list: date, time (start and finish), brief description, location, the meeting was with, and the portfolio.

The monthly summary will be published on the Beehive website within 15 business days following the end of each month.

Look forward to seeing them.

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