Winston doing his normal trick

The Herald reports:

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says if petrol companies don’t start acting responsibly, the Government could pass a law preventing them from “ripping off New Zealanders”.

And he has taken aim at the banking sector, which the Government has told to get its act together, and even the menswear industry for fleecing consumers.

Winston has said stuff like this for 30 years. But note he never ever comes out with solutions to what he claims is a problem.

He’s teh effing Deputy Prime Minister. He is in Government. Time for him to stop crying wolf. If he thinks prices are too high for mens clothing what is he going to do about it?

Where is his legislative change that will being in more competition?

There is none of course. Peters is skilled at picking at scabs but incompetent or disinterested in anything resembling a solution. What legislative achievements has he ever had? The only law I can recall is the one to help him manage his caucus.

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