Hosking on Kiwibuild resignation


In the most open honest and transparent Government we have ever seen, just where are the relevant operators to shed light on exactly what’s happened to Barclay and presumably a shed-load of taxpayers’ money, our money?
Was he paid to do nothing? Was he paid out? Why did he quit? Was he pushed? If so, why was he pushed? Why after such a spectacularly short period of time do we not have a boss of the biggest policy the Government has? Given it’s public money, why the silence? Where is the accountability?
One of two things happened, either he didn’t like it, didn’t want it, and couldn’t bail fast enough. Or he wasn’t liked, wasn’t competent, didn’t do the job, and they wanted him out.

Losing your CEO after four months is highly unusual. The public pay the bills so should know what happened.

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