SSC says no political polling for Government departments

Stuff reports:

State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes has written to public services bosses to remind them it is “never okay” to collect data on political leanings.
Earlier this month Stuff revealed that Inland Revenue was asking the public about their political leanings in a $125,000 research project undertaken by Colmar Brunton.
On Tuesday Hughes said he was examining the matter at and “as well as other government departments”.
The “examination”, which is being conducted internally, is expected to take six weeks.

Hughes said he has also written to chief executives reminding them of their responsibilities to maintain political neutrality.
“I have told them that it is never okay for a government agency to seek or collect information on the political leanings or party affiliations of citizens,” Hughes said in a statement.
“Political neutrality is a fundamental principle of the Public Service – one that cannot be compromised for other interests.

A very good response from the Commissioner. Will be interesting to learn the results of the examination.

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