Another reason to not do boundaries with this census data

Stuff reports:

Māori risk losing an electorate seat and more than 20 new iwi won’t be properly counted due to problematic 2018 data.
Results from the beleaguered national survey, which failed to count one in 10 New Zealanders, have been repeatedly delayed, with a release date not known one year on from census day. 
The population data is vital for Māori, and academics hold fears vulnerable communities and small iwi will be adversely affected. 
Dr Tahu Kukutai and Donna Cormack, in a paper published on Thursday, said Māori census response rate would be well below 90 per cent, possibly as low as 80 or 70 per cent in the likes of Northland and the East Coast.

This is true that a 90% average response rate will probably see a rate as low as 70% in some areas. It reinforces why the 2018 census can not be used to redraw .

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