Can we trust Winston on CGT?

Stuff reports:

NZ First leader Winston Peters has said the party would not support tax changes that resulted in an “explosion of the valuation and accounting professions”.

If we took Winston at his word, then the entire report of the Tax Working Group should be ruled out.

But it is very dangerous to take what Winston says at face value. He might negotiate a couple of minor changes and declare them to be hugely significant.

Peters was not explicit about what NZ First might support but said “tax policy needs to be simple and we will keep it that way”.
“The scaremongering about houses, boats, art works and exemptions for Maori, and the myriad other fake trails thrown up by our desperate opponents doesn’t divert New Zealand First from two key points about the report.
“First, we want to hear from New Zealanders their views on tax reform. Second, having listened to the public, we will work with our coalition partner to fashion simple tax policies that will work,” he said.

You have to note that Winston has given no firm commitment on anything.

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