Even Winston referred to Shane Jones as the Chair of Manea

Hamish “bunny boiler” Rutherford reported in 2015:

Winston Peters says taxpayer cash is being used to grow large private companies rather than develop infrastructure.
As part of his campaign for the Northland by-election, the NZ First leader visited the site for the planned Manea, footsteps of Kupe complex in Opononi, Hokianga. …

Peters said Manea – to be chaired by former Labour MP – would expand the tourism infrastructure in an area in need of development, but the TGP was instead focused on helping international airports attract more visitors from China.

So Jones is trying to claim he was never going to be Chair, someone just wrote his name down on a piece of paper without his knowledge. Yet here in 2015 Winston (before Jones had joined NZ First) is referring to Jones as the designated Chair.

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