Not the brightest is he

Newshub reports:

, known as the ‘Kiwi Jihadi’, feels genuinely surprised he wasn’t able to voice his of speech while living under the Islamic State (IS).

He really does seem to be a moron. A dangerous moron, but still a moron.

If he makes his way to our embassy in Turkey, then we’re obliged to allow him home. The PM has hinted he’ll face charges if he does get home.

I have a good idea which may encourage him to stay away. Rather than just hint at what may happen if he returns home, be explicit about it.

The Solicitor-General should announce that charges under S13(1) of the Terrorism Suppression Act have been laid against Mark Taylor for participating in a group that is a designated terrorist entity.

This carries a maximum sentence of 14 years jail.

The thought of up to 14 years in jail could be a strong deterrent to Taylor to not try and come home.

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