700,000 NZers didn’t complete Census 2018

Nick Smith said:

Stats NZ’s confirmation that the problems with 2018 is not just with the record low response rate, but a doubling in the partial response rate compounds the problems for the State Sector, says National’s State Services Spokesperson Nick Smith.

“We now know over 700,000 people or one in seven New Zealanders did not complete Census 2018. 

It is puzzling and bad news that the partial response rate increased so much. I understand why the overall response rate was down (not enough staff to follow up) but why did so many more people start but not complete the census?

“The problems with Census 2018 are so bad that consideration should be given to deferring the electoral boundary changes for 2020 and bringing forward the next Census to 2021.

I’d go a long stronger than say consideration should be given. National should clearly state they will not allow boundaries to be set on the 2018 census data (which they can do by making the Representation Commission inquorate without an Opposition representative).

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