Christchurch doesn’t belong to any God

Stuff reports:

Members of Destiny Church affiliated groups have met opposite the Al Noor Masjid to proclaim Christchurch a Christian city.
Destiny Church Christchurch senior pastor Derek Marina Tait said the affiliated groups, Man Up and Legacy, opposed the national broadcast of the first Muslim call to prayer by the mosque following the March 15 terror attack. 
“The purpose was to stand out in the open and to declare that Christchurch and New Zealand belongs to Jesus Christ who is the one true god.”

Oh eff off. Christchurch doesn’t belong to or any God.

Afterwards people inside the mosque came out and invited them in, Healey said. 

Classy. Well done Al Noor Masjid mosque.

It was “appropriate” for the church groups to return to the same place.
“Because in that very same place the decree was put out by our prime minister and the Muslim community to declare that Allah is the one true God, which I emphatically disagree with.”

And the first commandment in Christianity is “You shall have no other Gods but me”. Most religions claim to be the one true religion, and I take no more offence at the Muslim prayer than I do the ten commandments.

Also in theory all the Abrahamic religions do worship the same God. That’s not my view, but the view of Pope Francis. Where the religions diverge is on who is a prophet and the role of Jesus etc.

actually teaches that Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon etc are all prophets of God. They just also believe Muhammad was the final prophet.

Anyway the decision to broadcast a Muslim prayer on the day of remembrance was a sign of empathy and tolerance, not of the supremacy of any religion. If your religion can’t tolerate two minutes of airtime to another religion, you have big problems.

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