Let’s blame Poseidon also

Stuff reports:

Tangaroa – the Māori god of the sea – may be little more than a mythological figure, but the mere mention of the divine being’s name in Wellington’s climate change plan has some city councillors spooked.
The document sparked a spirited debate at the council’s City Strategy Committee meeting on Thursday after councillors received a report that talked about Tangaroa reclaiming the city’s CBD through sea level rise.

That is grossly unfair to Tangaroa. He is only one of many Gods of the Sea. Poseidon is equally to blame.

The reference irked several councillors as religious and inappropriate, with Nicola Young attempting to attach an amendment removing references to “deities of any denomination”.

A sad day that such a motion is even needed.

“We’re talking in here about how we can either reduce carbon levels or ameliorate them, but if the answer is ‘Tangaroa is in charge’ then actually we should be up Mt Victoria singing and dancing and praying to Tangaroa.”

That’s a good idea. Much less impact on the economy and jobs also.

Mayor Justin Lester said the reference was about storytelling and if an amendment eliminating it passed he would seek to counter it with a proposal to prevent Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny from ever popping up in a council document.

What a stupid argument. It all depends on context. If the paper is referring to activities at Easter, then maybe the Easter Bunny gets a mention. But if the paper blames the recent earthquake on the Easter Bunny because he got into a fight with Santa Claus, then maybe it shouldn’t be there.

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