A great orator for a Labour Party ideological fairytale

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Nothing for .

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s pre-budget outing at the Grand Millennium Hotel in Auckland on Friday to an audience bursting with high-powered business types was unsurprisingly light on any mention of business.
“Nothing for business” and “disappointing” were common refrains around the room as the PM wrapped-up her holistic vision for next week’s first wellbeing budget.

I would have thought if you were speaking to a business audience about the , you would at least spend a fair bit of time talking about businesses as they are the ones who generate the tax and the jobs that allow the Government to spend money.

Warren Green, chief executive officer of Active Roofing, summed up the sentiment.
“It was a bit disappointing,” he said.
“It was more like a Labour Party ideological fairytale. But she’s a great orator.”

What an excellent description of the PM – a great orator for an ideological fairytale!

Active Roofing has about 40 employees. It used to have a strong apprentice scheme. It doesn’t anymore, Green said. The Government’s choice to do away with the 90-day trial law put paid to that, he said.

The company had only let one person go under the law, but without it, and with the changes coming down the line to industry training, it’s just too big of a risk now. So they’re not doing it anymore.
“We’re hugely disappointed with the new training model,” Green said, “the existing model works.”

A small to medium employer suffers more from a bad hire.

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